People rely on Argos to get exactly what they need without any fuss. We like to think they came to us for the very same reason.

Roll the clock back to the year 2000. A newly founded agency were invited to pitch for Argos and were up against some of the most recognised design agencies in the UK. After a bold and pitch-winning presentation we began working with them, our first project for our first client, creating their catalogue cover design over eight consecutive seasons. What’s more, we also delivered designs for the marketing pages at the back of each seasonal catalogue.


We helped make Argos become the Brighter shopping business that everyone loves.

Remember the brightly coloured graphics and smiling Argos logo? And the huge Santa
Claus Christmas window displays that used unconventional colours. Well, that was us.
Being brave and certainly being bold! We were the instrumental agency that brought the
Argos “Brighter shopping” strapline and branding to life on the high street.
And we’re still producing bold, courageous and creative fun for them, only this time across a much wider range of marketing comms.