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Inspiration for Ebac


Featured work:

Come rain or shine
you're home and dry…

Dehumidifier series branding


We delivered: Logo / Design / Advertising / POS / Photography / Art Direction

Featured work:

Brand Identity

Ebac, a worldwide leader in the dehumidifier manufacturing industry, needed to update its brand image and educate potential customers on why every home should have a dehumidifier. That’s why they asked us to create an easy-to-follow brand that would be effective across a range of touch points.

Brochure & Dispenser

The brand we designed took a diagrammatic approach with simplified graphics that outlined the importance of why having an Ebac dehumidifier would benefit your home ‘come rain or shine.’


We also developed a POS unit for the 2000 dehumidifier series of products. This included a freestanding POS card that demonstrated why owning an Ebac dehumidifier was a much better choice than owning a competitor brand.


Finally, we designed a national press and magazine advertising campaign for the 6000 dehumidifier series, which made a huge and positive impact on sales.

Ebac logotype design

Logotype Design

Ebac brochure


Ebac leaflet


Ebac leaflet dispenser

Leaflet Dispenser

Ebac on-product POS

Product POS

Ebac free standing POS

Free Standing POS

Ebac advertising