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Inspiration for the Argos Christmas direct mail campaign


Featured work:

Packing more
into Christmas…

Christmas direct mail campaign

Argos for Business

We delivered: Design / Illustration / Direct Mail / Print / Online

Featured work:

Direct Mail

We worked closely with Argos for Business Marketing to create a Christmas direct mail and online communication campaign for Argos gift cards. The campaign, which focused on a white gift wrapped Christmas tree, successfully increased sales of gift cards throughout Christmas and the New Year.

Vouchers & Mini Brochure

Using the Christmas tree branding, we also designed and produced a gift voucher set and brochure that encouraged recipients to shop at Argos in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Web Presence

To reinforce the overall campaign message, we created a standalone page on the Argos for Business website which illustrated how companies and employers could benefit from buying Argos gift cards for their staff or clients at Christmas.

Argos for Business direct mail envelope

Direct Mail Envelope

Argos for Business direct mail letter

Direct Mail Letter

Argos for Business direct mail vouchers


Argos for Business leaflet