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Inspiration for the Collection code brand launch


Featured work:

A rewarding incentive

Argos for Business
Collection code brand launch

Argos for Business

We delivered: Design / Photography / Illustration / Direct Mail / Print / Online / Advertising

Featured work:

Brand Launch & Direct Mail

With a longstanding reputation in the Reward and Incentive market, Argos for Business wanted to launch a new brand that would revolutionise the way companies give gifts or prizes to staff and colleagues. That’s where ‘Collection Code’ comes in - it’s a unique scheme that delivers digital codes via text or email, with the codes linked to a product from the Argos catalogue which can then be collected at the recipient’s convenience.

Argos for Business asked us to create a direct mail campaign that would instantly engage companies to sign up to this unique reward scheme. Fresh, Instant, and Convenient were the scheme’s core values, so we used an innovative and attention-grabbing direct mail coffee cup to introduce the brand.

We also produced an illustration of bright, colourful products exploding from a computer screen, which helped customers understand that the scheme offered a new, exciting, vibrant and instantaneous way to send rewards or gifts.

Since its launch, Argos for Business has reported a massive interest in Collection Code, matched with a huge uptake from current and targeted clients.

Exhibition & Advertising

Our designs also demonstrated how simple it is to send gifts and prizes through Collection Code, and this formed the basis of an effective national promotional campaign that mixed exhibitions with magazine advertising.

Argos collection code direct mail letter

Direct Mail Letter

Argos collection code direct mail coffee cup

Direct Mail Coffee Cup

Argos collection code advertising


Argos collection code exhibition stand

Exhibition Stand

Argos collection code exhibition carrier

Exhibition Carrier Bag

Argos collection code online reward scheme